W. Shane Grant

Making This Website

The last time I made a website prior to this one was likely prior to 2000 when tables and frames were still cool. When I decided I finally needed to create a homepage for myself, I wanted to create something that would look good on any device but required a very small amount of effort on my part.

Middleman, Haml, and SASS

This website was made in a few weeks by using Middleman 3, Haml, and SASS. This was fairly easy to do even though I’d never really bothered with Ruby or CSS before. Middleman is the static site generator that creates these pages from various templates and other files that I create. Haml offers a nice way to generate most of the HTML, but can be quite annoyign to use when performing conditional code generation due to its strict indentation requirements.


For the general layout, I followed the guidelines from Frameless Grid, which is to say that I basically created a different layout for every resolution I want to support with the website, with some scaling in between. I liked how this looked over fluid layouts which resize continuously as the site changes.

Other Stuff

The site is almost completely static, aside from some javascript that corrects for an issue in Internet Explorer 10 for WP8 and the Disqus commenting code. It should be compatible with all modern browsers (IE having at least version 8) and hopefully load quickly.